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From high amp alternators and high torque starters to high flow water pumps and high pressure power steering pumps, Tuff Stuff has the custom under hood products that you want in chrome plated, polished aluminum, powder coated or Factory Cast PLUS+ finishes. All Tuff Stuff products are quality built in Cleveland, Ohio and carry a 1-year limited warranty.

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General Motors - Air Conditioning Compressors
Multiple sizes of Sanden style compressors that utilize R12 or R134A refrigerant depending upon part number. Dedicated-fit compressors replace factory OEM units. Compressors include a 2V-groove,...More Details »
General Motors - Alternators
Tuff Stuff alternators are available in a wide range of finishes including chrome plated, polished aluminum, black chrome, stealth black, various powder coated colors and Factory Cast PLUS+. Many...More Details »
General Motors - Braking
Available in beautiful chrome plated, gold zinc and a variety of powder coated colors. Single and dual diaphragm styles available in 7", 8", 9" and 11" diameters fit virtually all hot rods, customs...More Details »
General Motors - Power Steering Pumps
Tuff Stuff Saginaw style pumps feature all new components including reservoir and pump assembly. A billet style chrome cap, new dipstick and hardware are also included. Pumps are 1200 PSI rated to...More Details »
General Motors - Starters
Tuff Stuff starters are hand made from premium quality new components - not remanufactured - and are quality built in USA. Most Gear Reduction style starters, which are considerably smaller than...More Details »
General Motors - Water Pumps
Tuff Stuff water pumps are hand made from premium quality new components - not remanufactured -and are quality built in the USA. Precision-made ball/roller bearings and spin-balanced fan hub...More Details »